Ella Plant Children's Book Series

Ella Plant, Plants a Tree


Ella Plant is a young elephant who loves the wonders of nature! But one day she discovers her beloved planet and fellow creatures are in danger. Ella decides she must learn how she can help do her part in the fight against Climate Change. She asks her teachers about their opinions, but doesn't get very far. Ella realizes the only way she can help is by spreading the word. She recruits her friends to help and they set off to do their part to educate and inspire others to help make a difference, too.

"Ella Plant Plants a Tree" was written to teach and inspire children to form a sense of responsibility to take action for a cause. Readers will learn that they can create change through personal actions, and by their ability to make a difference within their communities.

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Ella Plant Plants a Tree Coloring Book

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The same characters and illustrations you love from "Ella Plant Plants a Tree," in a coloring book edition. 

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