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About Us


MSA Works LLC was formed in July of 2020 as a way for me to promote and sell the book I wrote at the beginning of quarantine.  The idea for the book, "Ella Plant Plants a Tree," came about as a gift for a special person in my life.  As the project developed, the feedback led me to think bigger and expand into creating a business around it.  From the beginning, it was clear what kind of business I wanted to operate.  It had to offer products people want, but most importantly it had to be an engine for positive change in the world. 

From the creation of MSA Works LLC, I knew it would have to make a positive impact on the world.  After serving overseas with the Army in Eastern Africa for most of 2019, I came back with a renewed sense of responsibility to make change.  It was obvious to me that improving education, especially among young girls in developing areas was the biggest key to help these regions have the opportunity to flourish.  That is why MSA Works LLC has pledged to donate 3% of profits to Room To Read.  Room To Read is a non-profit organization that has set out to give those children and regions the opportunity to thrive and create a brighter future for all.  As we grow as a company, so will our commitment to make the world a better place.  We plan to do that through a combination of more sustainable product development and philanthropy.  Thank you for being an integral part of that promise!

- Michael S. Amaral


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